SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization is without a doubt one of the most important driving forces in the online success of any business. Without being found in the search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing your company will simply not get any new web related business.


Social Media Marketing is now a major part of any SEO campaign. Not only does it show credibility, and helps with branding but it also builds a relationship and connection with your past, present and future clients.


Website design is more than just putting up great images and backgrounds, it’s about having a tool to drive clients to your business and once there guiding them to purchase your products or services.

DKD Studio and Design is an Ottawa SEO and Web Design Company that is results oriented and always strives to be the best at what we do. Our firm is small, focused and impact driven.

Our team works very closely and our communication is constant and consistent. We keep our client list small so that who we serve is always given the proper attention that they need and deserve.

Our Clients tell us they love the fact that they can reach us practically anytime and we respond so quickly to their requests. We truly treat your business as if it was our own.

SEO is so important for a company's online presence that without it, few companies stand a chance at being successful.

DKD Design Studios is proud to say it is a leader in the Ottawa SEO and Website Design Field.

If you are a local Ottawa business and are looking to get to the top of the search engine rankings, look to us to get the job done right!

Link Building is considered one of the most important element in search engine ranking. At DKD we use ethical and natural methods of building backlinks to your website, to ensure you rank and stay at the top of the search engines.

Gone are the days of low quality and spam backlinks that come from questionable sites, search engines are hungry for quality content only.

By employing social media marketing, along with quality content building, blogging, and strategic partnerships with other lead generation companies we will develop your website into something that is truly an amazing tool. Your site will generate more business, traffic and quality clientele that is targeting what you are offering.

In the SEO industry quality really does count, now more than ever.

In today's competitive online marketplace, it is extremely important to keep an eye on your competitors in order to stay one step ahead.

Every one of your competitors is looking for your piece of the market, and it's your job to hang on to it!

Our team of SEO and marketing experts will do a full competitor analysis to put your company in the right direction and ahead of your top competitors.

To be the best you need to beat the best, with DKD We will get your there!

DKD uses a full range of options and tools to help generate sales leads of actual buyers. Consider us as traffic generators and sales conversion experts.

Social media, PPC, and other advanced techniques are implemented so that people who want your service find YOU first.

We are a very creative, full fledged marketing company that will help you develop new ways to scout out new clients, but also help you close the sales through your credibility, professionalism and confidence that you will portray in your advertising campaigns.

Make the call today and get us working to make your business grow and prosper.

Your company's online reputation has become one of the most important factors in whether or not a potential buyer will do business with you.

Studies have shown that potential customers look at online reviews and ratings and consider them as credible as personal references and word of mouth.

This is why is so extremely important to keep tabs on your online reputation. If there are problems out there, they need to be fixed pronto!

DKD will monitor, build and reach out to your past, present and future clients.

Let everyone know how great you are at what you do! And to protect your reputation if something goes wrong.

Branding is an important long term strategy in building your business. Your brand is a promise your customers and is about setting expectations and standards.

By way of social media, logo design, online customer reviews, brand integration and other efforts we will establish your company and it's mission.

Finding your business in Google Local and other Search Engines will boost your visibility to your local clients, which are most likely who you are targeting.

DKD will get your listed and ranked in all of the major search engines and appearing in the local maps.